Frequently Asked questions


What are your hours?

I work at a studio and my hours vary. Most of the time, I am fairly flexible and can work around your schedule! I am located at 4426 Brazee Street, 45209. You can send me an email to set up a time to come visit!

what is a studio?

Yes, this is a question I have received multiple times. A studio is a space I rent on a monthly basis. It is my work space and not a store front. However, one can buy things from my studio, but it primarily a workspace. I have been at Brazee Street Studios since June 2017.

What is The difference between an original and a print?

An original is a one of a kind, hand painted/drawn piece. A print is a reproduction of an original. I get my prints done locally at the amazing Robin Imaging, in downtown Cincinnati. I drop off the original piece, they professionally photograph and color match it and print it on various types of paper with a high quality printer.

What is the difference between an “art” print and a “fine art” Print?

For starters, all my prints are printed by a local (and awesome) print shop called Robin Imaging. First, they scan one of my original pieces (or, rather, take a high quality photograph), and then I can choose how to reproduce it. I typically make multiple reproductions including mugs, notecards, holiday cards, holiday ornaments, and a couple sizes and kinds of prints.

One question I get a lot involves the difference between prints; “fine art” and “art”. The first difference is the price. “Fine Art” prints are on the highest quality of paper, produced through a printer with 12 different ink cartridges/colors. They are also signed, dated, and numbered. I only produce a limited amount of each “fine art” print so they retain more value. For example, you will find I have various options of my “Queen Fiona” print. I currently reproduce three different sizes and two different kinds. One is a “fine art” print, 19”x25”, signed, dated, numbered and limited to a total of only 50 for $88. The other two options are “art” prints in the sizes of 10”x8” and 12”x18” for $18 and $30 respectively. Art prints, while still great quality, are not limited to a certain amount and are also on a kind of poster paper.

If you are looking for a more valuable, closest version to the original, a “fine art” print is the closest you can get, without commissioning a similar piece to the first original. Finally, not all pieces are reproduced nor reproduced with all options. If you are looking for a particular size and quality, additional fees may apply. Contact me to inquire about special requests.

What if I want a painting that you no longer have for sale?

You can send me an email and depending on the piece, I may be able to create a similar one (a special commission). However, each piece will be unique so it will not be the exact same as the original piece you were interested in.

Do you Do pet portraits/commissions?

Yes! Soon I will be adding a separate page for commission info. All requests can currently be made to

Do you paint other things besides animals? Can I commission a piece of something else?

Yes, I do/can paint other things besides animals. I am always looking to expand my horizons and occasionally inspiration will strike and I will paint a series of something completely unrelated to animals!

As far as commissions go, do reach out and tell me what you are interested in. However, I specialize in animals and if you have something else in mind, perhaps search for another artist who specializes in that. If you see something that another artist has done, you can share the elements that you like in a particular piece but I will not copy what the other artist has done.